This is modern Business age, a world of competition. Businesses are competing with each other for better market position. They are differentiating themselves with other competitors in terms of product, price, promotion, distribution methodology, process, people involved and the physical evidence available within their company. All of these differences should be identified by the customers. They should be able to identify the unique differences and to select best among them. And for this,advertisement and promotion is must.

Most of our assessment consists of branding as well as advertising and sales promotional activities through all the print, electronic and outdoor media available in the country. We work on conceptualization, development and design, pretesting and production of highly effective advertising and sales promotion materials, planning for placement of advertisement and sales promotion material in appropriate media vehicle considering media reach and coverage.

 In current scenario, advertisement is the heart of every business. No any business could survive in a worthy manner unless and until advertisement and promotion is given any priority. Marketing for the product or service of a company must go in an effective manner in order to influence its customers, arousing them to buy their product or services.Company should allocate a bulky amount of its expenditure in the field of advertisement because company wants to be known and advertisement makes that possible.


Outsourcing is a productive way in saving time and cost. It results in the better outcomes as specialized outsources are taken in to consideration. Similarly, the management of marketing and promotional activities of a firm must be outsourced in order to receive a strong and better market response. It doesn’t mean that, company could not manage for their marketing and promotional activities by their own but it should be clear that a house of huge specialized is always better than cabin of fewer.

Thus to fulfill the requirement and to help a company in these activities, AD CREW MEDIA Pvt. Ltd. was established in May, 2011, with providing full-service marketing activities. It is managed by experts and professionals with years of experience in the respective field of marketing and promotion. ACM is registered under Government of Nepal,Ministry of Industry, Office of Company Registrar (Registration No.83035/067/68), Ministry of Finance, in land Revenue Department (VAT Registration No. 600242864).

Mission and Vision:

“Our vision is to bring transformation along with the time in the scenario of marketing business activities with the use of trending technology and methodologies that would be effective in providing an efficient,cost limited and productive service to the clients.”

“Our mission is to provide full-service marketing and promotional activities to our clients in cost effective and productive manner to ensure highest tenure of benefits with the use of specialized manpower as well as technology available currently.”


Why We Are?

 The reasons for our existence are shown below:

1.     To work as an advertisement agency in providing the work like printing of advertisements, telecast of advertisement, designing and development of advertisement, collection of advertisement for various news papers, radios,televisions, etc.

2.     To develop, telecast, sell and distribute tele-films, films, radio drama,documentary, radio program etc.

3.     To print and distribute various types of booklets, brouchers, hording boards etc.

4.     To publish as well as to print weekly or monthly newspaper under the name of the agency.

5.     To engage as an agent with the company of same nature lying nationally or internationally and providing service to the clients.

6.     To conduct seminar, meetings and interactive programs in national and international public issues.

7.     To provide service on advertisement and promotion of product or organization with the help of various media available.

8.     To conduct the promotional activities like research, market management, Expo, road drama etc.

9.     To supply various stationary, printing and miscellaneous supplies to the organization.

10.  To develop and telecast visual programs and to provide service of language translation related with the video.

11.  To provide training and counseling on anchoring, information technology etc.

12.  To provide service on web page design, hosting, CD, DVD, burning and duplication, photography, videography,designing and maintenance of computer soft ware’s.

13.  To participate in various bids that are announced by government and various sectors and to work as the objective are met.


  We work with a perfect analysis on market. The planning’s are made earlier and then the actions are taken. A perfect analysis refers to a planned action and system of taking the response of the action (analysis). It will help to understand what actually the reaction of the action performed is seen.  ACM works with all these interactive strategy in order to build benefit from both the organization and client perspective.


Talking about resources at ACM, we have strong human as well as technological resources.These human resources are highly qualified and professionally active in order to serve our clients in a better way. Similarly technology is also mostly considered at ACM, because it is world of technology and the technology resources are just trying to exceed human resource in term of speed, cost and efficiency.

We would also like to consider our satisfied customers as our resource too. Because their satisfaction are what we are proud of. Their positive responses from our service are termed as asset we have earned.


We love challenges,yes we really do. It is our strength to deal with the challenges and come to a worthy end results. These results sum up all our efforts to solve the complexity of the problems. We welcome our clients with unique problems and try to solve those with appropriate ways and in a systematic manner. Before and after research facility is our next strength. It is our own way to start, formulate and analyze our work. If we provide service then we are meant to it.

Clients We Have Served:

We have served various clients with their problems. They are satisfied and they have loyal relationship with our company. We are proud to betaken as a most preferred company on this sector. They are from manufacturing,business, service, government, non- government, international agencies etc.Some of them are mentioned as below.

·        Nepal Red Cross Society

·        Save the Children Nepal


·        Central Children Welfare Board

         Consortium Nepal

·        Mercy Corps, Nepal

·        Nepal Tourism Board

·        YUWALAYA (Youth Led NGO)

        Yeti Development Bank Limited

         National Development Volunteer Service Under Nepal Planning Commission

·        National Health Education Information and Communication Centre, Teku

·        Department of Drug and Administration

·        Solid Waste Management Technical Support Center

·        Armed Police Force

·        Ministry of General Administration

·        District Development Committee, Chitwan, Kavre & Udayapur

·        Nepal Oil Corporation

·        Flash Multipurpose Cooperative Limited

·        National Cooperative Bank Limited

         Winrock International Nepal

         International Alert

         National Child Rights Council

        Hami Dajuvai

        Nepal Anti Tuberculosis Association (NATA)

        National Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Authority (NDRRMA)




Contact Info

Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: +977-01-5900267
Tel: +977-9851039805
Narad Mani Bastola
(Managing Director)

Email: adcrewmedia@gmail.com